Alphabetics on Google Play

The I CAN ALPHABETICS app can now be downloaded from Google Play. It is the free version limited to the letters B, F and M. Let us know what you think.

The iCAN Suite can be used as a reinforcement tool to enhance core curriculum or tutoring programs. The attractive component of apps encourages children to practice the concepts learned in the classroom. Ideally, the apps should be used on a tablet device, but they can also be used on a smartphone.

ALPHABETICS is the first app of the series. It was designed for children aged 4-6, but if your child is still struggling with beginning reading skills, it can be used at any age.

What is taught

  • The name, shape and sound of each letter of the alphabet.

How it is taught

  • Through a series of simple exercises, children will hear, trace, pronounce and identify the letter.  After they complete the exercises, they are quizzed on their understanding before they can move on to the next group of letters.

Progress reports will allow parents and tutors to see

  • How long the child has played iCAN Alphabetics.
  • How many times the child has taken the quizzes.
  • How many times the child answered correctly the first time.
  • How many times the child answered correctly the second time.
  • How the child pronounces the letter.
  • How the child writes the letter.



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