Anne Ford: A Special Mother

Anne Ford: A Special Mother

Laughing Allegra is the inspiring story of a mother’s struggle and triumph raising a daughter with learning disabilities.

Anne Ford, the author, has published videos discussing her experience as a mother of a child with severe LD, and what it was like for her telling her story.

To read an excerpt from the book, follow this link.  Laughing Allegra is the 1st of 3 books published by Anne Ford.


From the author of Laughing Allegra and On their Own, a reassuring and invaluable book filled with personal stories and practical guidance to help parents of a child just diagnosed with a learning disability or related disorder. 


More than three million children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with a learning disability, and their parents, more often than not, feel at a loss as to where to turn for both practical and emotional help.  Anne Ford, who raised her severely learning disabled daughter Allegra and became an advocate for LD children, understands this all too well.

In A Special Mother, Ford offers parents information, comfort, and reassurance and shows them the ropes to getting through the early period surrounding the diagnosis.  This book offers:

  • Guidance about coping with the emotional upheaval and confusion of a child’s diagnosis
  • Information on getting an accurate diagnosis and understanding what it means
  • Basic facts on navigating the system–a system seemingly designed to be as confusing as possible
  • Advice for maintaining your sanity and caring for your own psychological needs
  • Strategies for preparing and educating yourself for the ordeal ahead by knowing your rights
  • Suggestion for striking a balance between advocacy and obsession

Filled with voices of other mothers who have struggled (and continue to struggle) with the issues of raising an LD child, A Special Mother lets parents know they are not alone, and that they can enable their child to thrive.

Anne was Chairman of Board at the National Center for Learning Disabilities for 12 years. To watch interviews with Anne, you can go to her YouTube channel.

Here is a link to Anne’s webpage.


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