Top 10 apps for Phonics

Top 10 apps for Phonics

We are pleased to announce that we made the Top 10 list for Phonics apps at Smart Apps for Android! Our app, I Can Alphabetics (now just Alphabetics) is 2nd on the list.

Learning letters and the sounds of letters are foundational skills to being able to read. Apps are a great resource for preschoolers as they can play with letters, and hear how they sound as they tap them. Learning through play is the best way for children to grasp a concept as they will be engaged for longer and be more likely to remember what they have learned. Here are the top 10 apps for learning and practicing phonics. 

I Can Alphabetics

The Lite version of I Can Alphabetics comes with the sounds B, F, and M. These were probably chosen because /b/ and /m/ are some of the very first sounds made by babies (e.g. bababa and mamamama). Each letter sound is learnt in a multi-sensory way, including listening to the sound, writing the letter, identifying the letter amongst others, and saying the letter out loud. Once the letter sound is learnt, there is a revision assessment to check the child really understands that letter.

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