List of Assistive Technology

List of Assistive Technology

University of Michigan’s Dyslexia Help has a good list of Software and Assistive Technology for dyslexia. 

“The number one way to succeed on the job is to use technology.”

Dr. Michael Ryan (DyslexiaHelp’s contributing expert)

Today’s technological age has brought forth a number of very good computer programs and tools to help individuals with:

  • Listening & speaking
  • Reading & spelling
  • Writing & organization

We have found the following software programs and assistive devices successful in helping to address the areas that affect dyslexic individuals. These technologies cannot replace direct intervention, but they can augment a therapy program. Training from a professional may be required to get the best results. These technologies help:

  • Accommodate for challenges
  • Increase self-confidence at home, in the classroom, or on the job

We update this page as new technologies are developed, so visit often!

Jump over to the website to see the list.


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