Alphabetics uses a multisensory approach to learning which has been scientifically proven to be the most effective for children with dyslexia. And it is more fun for all kids than just plain old repetition! Kids are given exercises that involve their sight, hearing and tactile senses and then they play games which check their understanding before they can move on to the next set of letters.

ForDyslexia consulted scientific and educational experts in the field of dylsexia before publishing this app. (See Who We Are for more details). To get the Alphabetics app, follow this link.

Samuel Orton (1879-1948), was a clinician and researcher and was among the first to identify the syndrome of dyslexia and to offer a physiological explanation for its cause. Although the behavioral manifestations of developmental dyslexia have long been known, its neurobiological foundations are still poorly understood. Until recently, many researchers have considered the core deficit in dyslexia to involve dysfunction of language mechanisms, while others have emphasized the possible role of failure of sensory processing mechanisms.


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