Daniel Pink to speak at IDA Conference

Daniel Pink is scheduled to speak at the 63rd Annual IDA Conference in Baltimore this year.

Daniel H. Pink is an American author and journalist. From 1995 to 1997, he worked for Vice President Al Gore in the capacity of chief speechwriter, and before that as an aide to Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

You can see one of his talks about motivation on TED:




Afternoon Keynote: Daniel Pink
A Whole New Mind
Daniel H. Pink, Best-Selling Author, dpink2
“Drive: The Surprising Truth
About What Motivates Us,” and “A Whole New Mind”

Accountants. Lawyers. Engineers. That’s what our parents told us to be when we grew up. But were Mom and Dad right? Actually, the future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind, people like artists, inventors, storytellers, caregivers. These right-brained people are the next business elite – the women and men who will power your organization. In this entertaining and provocative presentation, best-sellingauthor Daniel Pink surveys evidence from around the world to reveal how the forces of Abundance, Asia, and Automation are nudging us into an era defined not by traditional “knowledge workers,” but by creators and empathizers. He explains what this transformation means for your organization – and he offers hands-on toolsand tips, as well as real-life examples, for how you can navigate this new terrain.

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