iPad Parent Training

Here is a post from Trident Academy’s blog about iPad use for parents with children with dyslexia. There are some Q&A that you might find helpful. 

iPad Parent Training

Trident Academy will be offering a FREE iPad training session for parents on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 6 p.m. at the school. During this session, the discussion will focus on the best apps for students with learning differences, age-appropriate apps, and apps geared toward different learning styles. Read more about how students use iPads in the classroom.

“More and more parents are buying iPads for their children’s use and they come to us for suggestions to add educational value,” says Sandi Clerici, interim head of school. “We’re already researching and implementing these apps daily and we want to share our expertise with parents, so we can work together to achieve success for our students.”

For parents who want to explore on their own and bring questions to the information session, Assistive Technologist Mary Silgals recommends parents consider how the iPad is going to be used.

Is it for reading? Explore the different apps that are available for downloading ebooks.

Is it for word processing or taking the place of a laptop or desktop computer? Check out iPages, printer apps, storage of documents, etc.

Is it for entertainment? Explore apps that are entertaining, yet have educational benefits for the child.

Is it for organization? Find apps, like Evernote, that help students keep up to date on their assignments and homework as well as personal dates.

Is it for helping the student reinforce skills learned in school?  There are apps for every subject area.

“Never fear, we’ll look at all these uses and more in the training session,” Silgals says. “Be sure to think about your child’s needs prior to the training to the most out of the information.”

Silgals says the best place to find information on apps is through Twitter. Some of the popular apps used in the classroom are the GraphicCalculator, the World Atlas, BrainPop, Sock Puppets, Titanic, AppWriter, and Shakespeare in Bits.


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