Diagnosis, Planning & Support

Diagnosis, Planning & Support
Found this webinar conducted by Dr. Paul B. Yellin hosted by Learning Ally. Excellent initiative! Good video for parents and educators to watch.

Reposted from Learning Ally. 

Dr. Paul B. Yellin of the Yellin Center for Mind, Brain and Education delivered Learning Ally’s webinar on March 12, 2012 titled Dyslexia: Diagnosis Planning and Support for Struggling ReadersWatch the full event as he provides teachers, parents and professionals with in-depth perspectives on what is meant by dyslexia and how to best support students with a variety of learning abilities and reading disorders.

Dr. Yellin emphasizes how important it is to take into account a student’s strengths as well as assess weaknesses, in order to develop their full learning profile. Through practical life case studies, he shows how that knowledge can help determine the best strategies to ensure their success. His presentation is followed by a lengthy and content-rich Question & Answer session which includes suggestions for improving interest in reading, tips on obtaining a diagnosis and ideas on how to ensure schools recognize a diagnosis and provide appropriate support.

The session is introduced by Learning Ally’s National Communications Director Doug Sprei, who provides a briefing on the 65-year old organization’s scope and initiatives in 2013.

Attendees sent over 100 questions during the one-hour event, so be sure to check back here in the coming week as we will post many of the additional questions that Dr. Yellin didn’t have time to answer in the live session.

Download the presentation slides. (PDF format)



Paul B. Yellin, MD, FAAP, is Director of The Yellin Center for Mind, Brain, and Education, a New York City-based learning evaluation, support, and professional development organization which provides customized support for students and educators based on emerging knowledge in neuroscience. Dr. Yellin is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics.



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