Transforming teaching and learning

Transforming teaching and learning

At the end of May, Amplify, an independent subsidiary of News Corporation, announced that they will deploy over 20,000 tablets to 24 middle schools in North Carolina. Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn. 

Here is what they are saying about this initiative: 

“You could probably take it along with your 5-year-old kid to a desert island and get her halfway to a college degree.”

Fast Company

“Amplify’s tablet suite is a managerial dream: teachers can carefully monitor students’ behavior, administrators can deploy content across an entire grade-level, and districts can evaluate schools with custom standardized tests. Amplify gives teachers, as both disciplinarian and educator, impressive control.”


Amplify is led by its CEO Joel Klein is an education visionary and proven leader of change. Prior to Amplify, Joel was chancellor of the New York City Department of Education.

Joel Klein

Diana Rhoten, chief strategy officer of Amplify, co-founded and co-directed Startl, which was dedicated to advising and accelerating for-profit startups in the digital learning and education technology markets. We blogged about Diana recently here

Diana Rhoten

Students will receive a tablet packed with information and programs that are based on their curriculum and out-of-school interests. Teachers will be able to access instructional tools to help them plan lessons and use in the classroom. As part of the deployment, all teachers and principals will receive professional development and on going technical support.


To read more about the program click here.

Below is the press release from Amplify.

Amplify Announces One of the Largest Tablet Deployments in K-12 Education

More Than 20,000 Devices for Students and Teachers

(NEW YORK, May 28, 2013) – Today, Amplify announced a deal for the deployment of 21,215 tablets to Guilford County Schools in North Carolina. The devices will be used by students and teachers in 24 middle schools throughout the district beginning in the 2013-2014 school year. The agreement, which was awarded through a competitive bid process and is largely paid for through federal Race to The Top funds, provides Guilford with tablets for four years.

“This is one of the largest 1-to-1 deployments, if not the single largest, to date in K-12 education,” said Amplify CEO Joel Klein. “At Amplify, we’re working to transform the way teachers teach and students learn. We aren’t recycling consumer goods for the classroom. We are a company that is 100-percent focused on education.”

“This is more than just a tablet. It’s a complete learning solution organized around the school day,” said Stephen Smyth, president of Amplify’s Access division, which produces the tablet. “We believe it’s both more affordable and more impactful than just about any other product in the education technology market.”

The Amplify Tablet offers states, districts and schools a Wi-Fi enabled, 1-to-1, personalized learning solution that includes Amplify’s exclusive software designed for teaching and learning; preloaded third-party content and reference tools; customer care; professional development; and enterprise-level device management. In addition to the Wi-Fi model, which will be used by the Guilford County Schools, school districts can opt to provide teachers and students with the Amplify Tablet Plus, which includes 4G LTE connectivity from AT&T.

About the Amplify Tablet

With the Amplify Tablet, students gain a mobile learning device that is organized around their in-school courses and out-of-school interests. For teachers, the tablet comes packed with a host of user-friendly instructional tools to help plan lessons, prepare quizzes, send assignments, share multimedia resources and easily manage all of their students’ devices.

The Amplify Tablet is preloaded with third-party education content and tools, including: CK-12 e-textbooks, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Khan Academy videos, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Google Apps for Education, Desmos graphing calculator, EverFi’s digital literacy curriculum, Project Noah science tools, public domain e-books and education-specific search tools that allow teachers and students to find multimedia resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The tablet’s highly flexible, open platform can also easily integrate with both local and teacher-generated curricula.

To ensure that classrooms and schools have a successful tablet experience, each teacher and principal receives high-quality professional development. They are also given ongoing technical support by phone, email and live chat as well as pedagogical support from our help desk, which is staffed by experienced former educators.

Finally, the Amplify Tablet includes a Web-based enterprise device management platform designed for districts and schools. The platform allows administrators to provision, configure, lock or wipe an entire fleet of devices over the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Amplify also provides tools allowing districts and schools to enforce their own Internet policies, execute local content controls and provide safe at-home browsing.

About Amplify

Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn through data-driven instruction, one-to-one learning and next-generation digital curriculum. Our products and services are designed for tomorrow’s promise and today’s realities.

At Amplify, we’re creating exciting new approaches to teaching and learning that are: as immersive as the best films; as compelling as the best video games; as social as the best networking applications; as personal as the best tutors; and as analytically sophisticated as the best search engines.

We’ve helped more than 200,000 educators and 3 million students in all 50 states begin their digital transition through mobile assessment solutions, adaptive curricula and tools that harness the power of data for classroom teachers. And we’re just getting started.

Headquartered in New York City and with more than 1,000 employees across the country, Amplify is led by a team of digital education experts and has provided industry-leading instructional tools, data analytics and assessment solutions to the K-12 market for more than a decade as Wireless Generation.

To learn more about the Amplify Tablet, please visit:


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