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At ForDyslexia, we produce multisensory apps that help build early literacy skills. Don’t miss our first app , I CAN ALPHABETICS.

This app is full of games that teach the sound and shape of the letters of the alphabet.

Kids will have a ball tracing the letters, recording their voices, popping balloons and dunking ducks!

Parents and tutors will love the Progress Report.













– From the International Dyslexia Association (IDA)

If children who are dyslexic get effective phonological training in Kindergarten and 1st grade, they will have significantly fewer problems in learning to read at grade level than do children who are not identified or helped until 3rd grade.

74% of the children who are poor readers in 3rd grade remain poor readers in the 9th grade. Often they can’t read well as adults either.

It is never too late for individuals with dyslexia to learn to read, process and express information more efficiently. Research shows that programs utilizing multisensory structured language techniques can help children and adults learn to read.


By introducing the letters simultaneously through hearing, seeing and feeling, the student’s weaknesses are lessened by integrating all of his/her learning pathways. This multisensory approach helps to ensure automatic memory which is so difficult for those who lack natural facility in language learning. Progress is made by going from the simple to the more complex tasks, building in much reinforcement and proceeding as fast as possible, but as slowly as necessary to master the basic elements. 



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